Online Courses

Individuals interested in seeing current online course offerings can search the Electronic Schedule of Classes by term. After you've selected a term, select a subject (or all subjects) and select "Web" for the Instructional Method. (See screenshot below.)

​​​​Please note that an online course may have up to three campus visits per term. Check with the department offering the course to confirm.

For details about individual courses, consult the faculty of record and/or visit the SFA Course Information page. Online sections have a section number in the 500-599 range. Sections in the 580-589 range are reserved for non-resident students living out of state.

High School Students,

Stephen F. Austin State University's Concurrent and Dual Credit Enrollment Program is an ideal way for bright, motivated high school and home-schooled students to earn college credit. This program offers students the opportunity to experience the challenge of collegiate curriculum before leaving high school. 

Some courses that may be used for dual credit are offered online.


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