F-1 Visa Holders

To comply with immigration regulations, an F-1 visa holder within the United States may need to engage in an on-campus experiential component for this course. This component (which must be approved in advance by the instructor) can include activities such as taking an on-campus exam, participating in an on-campus lecture or lab activity or other on-campus experiences integral to the completion of this course.

If such an on-campus activity is required, it is the student's responsibility to do the following:

(1) Submit a written request to the instructor for an on-campus experiential component within one week of the start of the course.

(2) Ensure that the activity on campus takes place and that the instructor documents it in writing with a notice sent to the SFA International Student Advisor. The SFA International Student Advising Office has a form available that you may use for this purpose.

Because the decision may have serious immigration consequences, if an F-1 student is unsure about his or her need to participate in an on-campus experiential component for this course, s/he should contact the SFA International Student Advising Office (telephone 936-468-2286 or e-mail chardy@sfasu.edu to get clarification before the one-week deadline.


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