Get Prepared

Order books, textbooks and materials for your online courses through the SFA University Bookstore. You may have books shipped to your home or have the bookstore reserve and hold your books on campus.

Your computer should meet or exceed the minimum computer system requirements as listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or a Macintosh with OSX or higher​ (Note Microsoft does not support Windows 7 anymore so you may have difficulty signing into the network with an older device)

  • Processor: 2.0 GHz or higher​

  • Memory: 2 GB of RAM​

  • Internet: 1.5 Mbps+/high-speed recommended

  • Printer: optional (check with your instructor)​ *Check for the new Wepa printing stations available on campus.

  • CD-ROM: optional - some courses use textbooks with CD-ROMs​. You can purchase an external DVD or CD drive on Amazon if you need to.

  • Sound Card: Most computers will have this built-in (make sure you have working speakers or a headset)​

​You can also visit the Software Downloads page to look for and download software that might be required.

Courses that include heavy multimedia usage will require you to have better than average Internet service. Satellite Internet services can be problematic for students. In some rural locations, there may be few options, but please keep in mind that attempting to watch videos, connect to a live webinar (Zoom, etc.) or use other services that require lots of Internet speed will likely be problematic. If you must use one of the Internet service provider types mentioned above, please be prepared to go to an alternative location with different Internet access when experiencing difficulties.

Tip* When accessing the higher speed services that may accompany your coursework, please connect your Ethernet (Internet) cable directly to your computer, if possible. A wired connection is usually faster in a home setting than a wireless connection. If you need to test your connection speed, please visit this site or You can also visit the Software Downloads page to look for and download software that might be required.


Know Your Brightspace Username and Password

Your Brightspace Username and Password is the same as your mySFA Username and Password. If you do not know your mySFA username please visit Look Up mySFA Username. If you do not know your password, you can visit Help With My Password.

Brightspace by D2L Demos

Watch the following videos to get familiar logging in to mySFA and accessing Brightspace by D2L.

  • VIDEO 1 - Logging in to mySFA, locating courses, accessing the Brightspace by D2L link, accessing a course homepage, discovering widgets on the course homepage such as the News, Updates, Calendar, Content Browser and the Content link

  • VIDEO 2 - Accessing Discussions, posting and replying to a Discussion Topic, accessing Dropbox and submitting a file for an assignment, accessing Quizzes and starting a quiz

  • VIDEO 3 - Accessing Classlist, sending an Email, checking Email

Visit a complete playlist of Brightspace by D2L video tutorials specific for learners.


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