​"I have taken 100 hours online, and SFA support is the best I've ever experienced. You all are patient and efficient. Thanks!"

“Being able to take classes from SFA ONLINE is great. The best part about that is more classes are being added so that we can take more than just core classes. Taking upper level classes that you can utilize immediately is the best thing overall about the online experience. One professor was amazing and inspiring! Supportive, accessible and more than anything, understanding."

"I love the online classes! I would not be able to complete my education degree if I was required to take classes on campus."

"The best thing has been that I have never had to take a class on campus. Every single class has been online. The professors have always been able to meet my needs and understand the needs of online students."

"The open communication between the online professors and the technical support from D2L and Tech services. They all received an A++ from me."

"The online class was organized really well so it was not hard to figure out how to do homework."

"I like doing the assignments on my own time instead of having to do the assignments at a specific time."

"Being able to access school whenever was convenient for me is a huge plus!"

"Being able to attend classes from the comfort of my home."

"I could accomplish tasks on my own time, when it was most convenient for me."


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