The undergraduate certificate provides the opportunity for unit level employees from the hospitality industry to participate in undergraduate level education in order to further their career opportunities without full pursuance of an undergraduate degree.


All of the courses eligible for the certificate program are taught as online, distance education courses (a few are also taught face-to-face to students in residence on campus). Each student must work directly with an assigned hospitality advisor to select a series of courses that will fit the needs of each student.

Courses include: Introduction to Hospitality (HMS 102), Travel and Tourism (HMS 202) Lodging I (HMS 302) and Customer Relations in the Service Industry (HMS 407).

A SFA Undergraduate Certificate in Hospitality Administration is available to students who complete 12 hours of undergraduate-level courses in Hospitality Administration and achieve an overall minimum GPA of 2.0 for the 12 credit hours.

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Undergraduate Certificate in Hospitality Administration


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